Why choose Off Road Tires from Haian?
Quality Guarantee

Quality is the life of enterprise, customer satisfaction is our goal. Haian always put quality in the first place and dedicate to provide superior quality tyres that enable our customers to reach the beneficial maximum in this aspect.  

All tyres are produced by Haian in accordance with the following standards:

▪ ISO 45001:2018

▪ GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015

▪ GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015

System Certificates of Haian Rubber Group Co.,Ltd.

Production Inspection System: Quality Management & Control throughout the whole process

Excellent process controls and tight quality control procedure ensure total perfection: starting from the careful selection of certified raw materials to accomplish with strict testing and inspection of finished products. At presents our team continual grandness, our personnel are course specialized training examination posts. All staffs strictly follow a specific set of inspection and testing protocols throughout the whole production process to ensure the reliability, durability and overall quality.

★ Advanced Equipment to Guarantee the Quality

Haian owns the China's biggest homoiothermic tire Preparation Workshop. Keeping constant temperature and suitable humidity is very important during the process. If the humidity is too high, the steel cord will rust or cannot bond with rubber.

Photo: China's biggest Homoiothermic Preparation Workshop

★ Four Steps to Quality Control


▪ Step One: Visual Inspection

The final Luan tired will be transferred to Quality Control Facilities. A visual inspection will focus on circumstance measurements, the inner liner is checking for any irregularities or flaws, and the surface area of each tire will be inspected thoroughly to ensure that there are no cracks, molds or bubbles detected.

▪ Step Two:  X-RAY Inspection

With the advanced X-ray testing, every tire built must pass this strict safety inspection. Close attention is given to insure all steel cords are aligned at the correct angle and there are no foreign bodies in the tire which could cause early tire failure.

▪ Step Three:  Drum test

For each new tire design and new mine site, the 5m diameter drum tester will be applied so that we get to know a tire's working situation under different load capacity. The tire is subjected to a variety of load scenarios to determine how the tire will perform under a wide variety of mining conditions. Some of these conditions are speed, load, turning, and road conditions. Through this process, the tire TMPH can be determined.

▪ Step Four: Field Trial

Haian has the only OTR tire field trial course in China to ensure the tires were capable of performing at or better than the manufactures recommendations.

After years of continuous development and improvement, Haian has passed the certification of "Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health & Safety Management System", and also obtained the product certification of DOT (United Stated Department of Transportation) & ECE (Economic Commission of Europe). The quality of our tyres has proven to reach the advanced level of international similar products. So far, our product used on the mine sites are 100% safe and recognized by lots of mining companies around the world!

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