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  • Tyre Delivery
    Tyre Delivery 2019-02-01
    Cautions for tyres transport by forklift: ☞Put the tyre vertically across the fork; ☞Use a round fork with diameter not smaller than 15cm; ☞Square holders may damage the tyre tread, and it's forbidden to insert a flat fork inside a tyre. When lifting tyre by crane: ☞Using the nylon or rubber sling through the hook; ☞The hook should be strong enough (with at least 15cm diameter) to protect the tyre...
  • Tyre Mounting
    Tyre Mounting 2019-02-25
    Before Mounting: ☞Clean all components of the tyre, rim and valve; ☞Remove the packages and inspect all parts of tyre and rim. Completely cleaning of dirt and corrosives, especially in the grooves; ☞For each tyre replacement, new O-ring are requested; ☞Tyre replacement should be operated on designated tyre bay to make sure the rim parts are load stable and even; ☞Keep the tyre internal clean and d...
  • Tyre Demounting
    Tyre Demounting 2019-03-05
    Precautions before Demounting: ☞ Make sure there's no air in tyre before removing any components such as nuts, rim clamps, etc; ☞ Open the valve stem to make sure all air is exhausted; ☞ Insert a steel wire to the valve stem to make sure it isn't blocked. Demounting Process: Process: Lock rim-bead seat band-side ring-rim Base ☞ Slowly put down the tyre with a crane after demounting; ☞ Insert the l...
  • Proper Tyre Selection
    Proper Tyre Selection 2019-03-20
    To maximize tyres performance, the rear axles of dump trucks should be equipped with tyres of the same sizes and model. The front axle must not be equipped with different models of tyres. If new tyres to be mounted on dump trucks to replace the worn ones, you should strictly refer to the tyres' outer diameter to choose tyre. The dimension of tyres should not exceed data specified in below chart. T...
  • Tyre Pressure
    Tyre Pressure 2019-04-07
    "Cold"pressure means the standard tyre pressure when tyre temperature is the same as ambienttemperature In order to get the best performance, the tyre must be kept with the suitable inflation. Both over-inflation and under-inflation will shorten the tyre running life, also may cause the malfunction.Proper inflation depends on the veh...
  • Truck Speed
    Truck Speed 2019-04-29
    Haian recommends that the maximum truck speed is 50km/h. And excessive speed will produce abnormally high temperature in tyres. There’re two speed limitations: the actual maximum speed that the vehicle can attain and the average operating speed that the vehicle can sustain. The average operating speed is limited by the tyres’ton-mile-per-hour(TKPH)rating. Damage Caused by Excessive Speed: Phenomen...
  • Tyre Load Capacity
    Tyre Load Capacity 2019-05-10
    Overloading will shorten tyre life and increase the chance of early tyre scrap.For the best tyre performance,the maximum recommeded load should not be exceeded.If the load exceeds the standard, a tyre with a higher level should be used. Results of Overloading: 1.Generate excessive heat and cause heat separation; 2.Excessive tyre deformation causes broken cords; 3.Rapid wear due to excessive tread ...
  • Tyre Rotation
    Tyre Rotation 2019-05-30
    Tyre Rotation: ☞Change the tyre position in time is one of the key points to increase the tyre life; ☞When the tyre used for a period of time, the tread wear on different parts will be different due to the road chamber, brake position and fitted position. This will lead to uneven tyre wear. So it is important to rotate the tyre to make each tyre bear the same load. This is to solve the uneven wear...
  • TKPH Value
    TKPH Value 2019-06-11
    The mine site are prone to transport more and run faster to rise its output. Inevitably, tyre internal temperature will rise due to heavy loading. Tyre has heat-resistance limitation, it is essential to define a rated load. Tyre should run under operated conditions to avoid high temperature. Working capacity of OTR tyres is calculated by"ton-kilometer per hour"(TKPH):      ...
  • Road Maintenance
    Road Maintenance 2019-06-20
    Road maintenance is one of the most important factors to determine the tyre lifetime, bumps, check holes, rocks and so on will cut or wear the tyre, even will cause tyre bursting. It's particularly important to maintain road in loading and dumping area because the damage in these area is more. Not only the maintenance staff but also each staff at site has the responsibility to clean the obstacles ...
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