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Tyre Pressure

"Cold"pressure means the standard tyre pressure when tyre temperature is the same as ambienttemperature

In order to get the best performance, the tyre must be kept with the suitable inflation. Both over-inflation and under-inflation will shorten the tyre running life, also may cause the malfunction.Proper inflation depends on the vehicle, ground conditions, load, speed and other factors.

Results of Over-inflation:

☞Increase ground contact pressure at the center of the tread, causing excessive wear there;

☞Reduce protection of the cord against shock from uneven road surfaces, resulting damage caused by cuts or shock;

☞Excessive pressure is exerted on the beads, increasing the potential of beads bursting;

☞Easy to slip and uncomfortable riding.

Results of Under-inflation:

☞Accelerate leakage, generate heat, which leads early tyre scrap;

☞Tread separates from cord fabric, cord fatique is accelerated, leading to broken cord;

☞Sidewalls become susceptible to rupture;

☞Tread wear is uneven and radical cracks develop;

☞Rim splits, creating air leaks in tubeless tyres.

Inflation with Air or Nitrogen:

☞Inflation with air is the most common method, it's also suitable for most applications. Attention that the compressor must have sufficient output 43m2/h and a minimum pressure of 12kgf/cm2;

☞Nitrogen can be used depends it's a kind of incombustible gas, it makes no air in tyre when inflation, which is greatly reduce the potential risk of combustion and explosion.


☞It's normal that pressure rise due to heat build-up,different tyre has different rising pressure. If heat generated during operation results in a rise of 25% or more in inflation pressure, the cold inflation pressure should be rechecked. If the cold inflation pressure shows to be correct, either truck speed or load must be reduced. Otherwise, overheat may cause tyre separation;

☞It's forbidden to deflate air to lower the internal pressure during tyre running. Reducing inflation pressure will cause the internal temperature rise leading to tyre failure;

☞Inflation pressure should be checked and calibrated periodically;

☞Valves should always be capped, this keeps mud and dust out of the valve core and protects the air seal.

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