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The full range of Giant OTR tires is available from size 27.00R49 up to 59/80R63 for heavy load dump trucks.
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No matter what brand rigid dump trucks / haul trucks, Haian manufactures the Giant earthmover OTR tyres for your needs!
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The tread grooves and tread patterns are different according to the specific use of the OTR tires. Let us know the application and purpose, we will recommend you the right tyres.

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Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.
Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd. is the largest giant radial OTR tyre supplier in China. Insist on Innovation, Pragmatic, Integrity and Greatness, we have been reputedly established in 2005 and professionally specialized in tyre manufacturing, tyre service contractor and tyre management. Our company has entered this field since 1985, has abundant experiences on giant tyre service by working on various mining sites for over 30 years.   Our first giant radial OTR tire 37.00R57 was born on 30, June, 2008. It was the first one in China, acknowledged as "The First Giant Radial OTR Tire in China". Now we have sizes: 27.00R49、30.00R51、33.00R51、36.00R51、37.00R57、40.00R57、46/90R57、50/80R57、53/80R63、55/80R57 & 59/80R63 to suit for different load capacity dump trucks.    Our tyres have been sold to more than 160 mine sites, and achieve highly appreciation in both home and abroad. We have our independent brand named as "LUAN", we can also do OEM service to your request. You are mostly welcomed to contact us. With more than 30 years' experience in giant tyres maintenance, Haian specialists know earthmover tyre service better than anyone in the world. Haian has a professional team with more than 1200 skilled tire service engineers to provide field service all over the world. Our goal is to cutting-cost and supply excellent service to you, your satisfaction is the biggest recognition to us.
Why choose us
  • Trusted Product
    Trusted Product
    Premium Quality OTR Tires are available here!
  • Innovation&Technology
    Haian insists on constant innovation and return our customer's support with providing the best products.
  • Reliable Service
    Reliable Service
    Overall Tire Service -Customer's satisfaction is our No.1 priority! Armed with over 30 years on-site tire service experience and in-depth knowledge of Giant OTR Tires, Haian not only manufacture the top-notch quality tires, but also set up the professional service teams of 1,200 well-trained engineers to provide you the overall tire solution.Our goal is to minimize tire operating costs, improve the productivity and ensure safety in production.   Pre-sale Service: Analysis &Report As OTR tires are specially used for heavy load trucks in severe site conditions,there are numerous factors would affect the tire selection, such as:climate,temperature,site condition,road condition,truck info,etc. The right tires will maximize the fleet performance. So the proper tire selection is very important for customers. For different clients, our engineers will go to sites to collect all kinds of information. Then they will analyze the date to form a report .Finally, our expert will give suggestion based on the report to customers that which compound and tread pattern would be fit for sites. Generally, the information needs to collect is following: ▪ Basic mine info: ore, output, ratio, etc. ▪ Weather condition: temp, rainfall, etc. ▪ Truck info: size, amount, tire size, rim, etc. ▪ Site info:loader, haul distance, loading, speed, etc. ▪ Road condition ▪ Using VBOX to calculate TKPH. ▪ Generate the report to recommend the Luan tire and pressure setting. After-sale Service: Haian believes that our service just starts the day tires shipped. In order to reduce the total cost and maximize the efficiency of tires, we obtain a complete set of after-sale service solution according to decades of tire maintenance which includes: Tire Tracking, Tire Management, Tire Maintenance, Tire Repair, Tire Retread, Training and Report. Tire Tracking Service In order to get the best performance of tires, the tire must keep the suitable inflation. Both over-inflation and under-inflation will shorten the tire life and even cause the tire failure. So we provide Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to real-time monitor the tire pressure. It helps the end user to realize the tire performance and make an adjustment before the accident happen. We also launch the Tyre Data Management System (TDMS) to track the whole process of each tire from being put into use to being scrapped. Our customers can manage and track the data of tires more effectively and improve the productivity by this system. Photo: Haian launched TDMS and provided training course for our customers What’s more, our engineers will go to sites to do studies regularly, like Heat Study,TKPH study,Weight Study, Tread Wear Analysis, Road Survey,etc. The data of these studies will feedback the problem which is existent. Then our engineers could table a proposal based on the fact.Everything should be based on data and facts, that’s our principle. Tire Management: Tire Inventory & Data Management  We provide proactive service through Tire Inventory & Data Management. The inventory management will forecast tire demand and eliminate shortages. It minimizes the risk of downtime due to insufficient tire supply.And Tire Data Management will feedback the problems and help the user to improve the tire performance and reduce the operational costs.   Tire Maintenance Periodic tire maintenance helps to ensure maximum tire life and the lowest cost per hour. The content of tire maintenance includes but not limited to: proper tire selection, tire mounting & demounting, monitor tire pressure, tire rotation, inspect TKPH, tire storage, road maintenance. Tire Repair & Retread For tire repair & retread aspect, we are the most professional and reliable service provider than any else due to the accumulate over 30 years on-site practice experience. We provide tire repair and retread service instead of buying new tires to save the costs. For another, it also help to protect our environment through extending the tire life and reducing the numbers of tire use. Report Submitting report will facilitate better communication and cooperation between customer and us. Our engineers will regularly report the tire performance, scrap tire data and tire improvement suggestion to the customers. It will insure the efficient tire operating environment.   Training Our technical teams will conduct various training courses regularly on site, such as safety usage of OTR tires, Tyres assembly, pressure maintenance and having technical seminar with customers. Select our Tire Contractor Service, we will send professional engineers to be stationed at the site to implement Tyre Life Cycle Management (360°Full Service). Or enjoy our unparallel on-site service to buy our premium quality Giant OTR Tires to your needs. Our engineers will go to site regularly to provide tire service. Choose Haian, Choose LUAN Tires, you will get the best out of every buck you pay, and obtain not only the superb tires but our specialized service!
  • Competitive Price
    Competitive Price
    We produce cheaper but better goods than our competitors.
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Designed for earthmovers and loaders, Giant LUAN OTR tires are suitable for various harsh operating conditions. Select the right tyres for your fleets here.

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