Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development: We insist on sustainable development idea and commit to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction from green research and development, green manufacturing, remanufacturing and other aspects. It is our goal to develop circular economy and create a better living environment.

Haian manufactured Giant Radial Tires in 2008, which is the only one qualified by China Tires Quality Inspection Center.In May 2010, we passed the ISO9000 Certificate of Quality Management System, ISO1400 Certificate of Environmental Management System and OHSAS18000 (BG/T28000) Certificate of Occupation Health & Safety Management System.

Since its establishment in 2005, Haian has provided employment opportunities for more than 2,000 people and made continuous efforts to improve our employees' quality of life.In 2014, Haian opened a new office building with the most advanced facilities, which greatly improved the working environment for staffs.In the same year, Haian built a new entertainment center, which is equipped with various fitness equipment and indoor activity hall, greatly enriching the staff's spare time life. Haian also provides free transportation service for local employees to commute between the workplace and home.

Innovation, Pragmatic, Integrity and Greatness are Haian's corporate culture.Haian inherits the spirit of integrity, to provide customers with high-quality products and comprehensive tire service. From 2012 to 2014, Haian was awarded as honest enterprise for three consecutive years.After years of continuous efforts and development, Haian's manufacturing technology of Giant OTR Tyres, production capacity, product quality, market share, brand reputation has reached the leading level of China in the industry. Our products occupied the domestic market share of more than 40%, also exported to Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, India, the United States and other dozens of countries. Haian has won the recognition of many domestic and overseas mining services companies, brought obvious economic and social benefit.

Public Benefit Activity

Responsibility is an important component of measuring the value of an enterprise. As an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, Haian is always a practitioner of public welfare undertaking.Besides producing the premium quality products to contribute to the society, Haian also actively involves in public welfare activities to send warmth and care to more people in need. Every year, we donate more than $2 million to support the re-education of our employees, to build local schools and help students with financial difficulties and elderly people living alone.

Environmental Responsibility

In 2010, Haian passed the ISO1400 Environmental Management System Certification and adopted the P-D-C-A Management Mode to effectively manage enterprise, so as to control the minimum environmental impact, the minimum material and energy consumption, the lowest cost and the lowest environmental risk.We focus on improving the environmental awareness of the personnel,setting up the environmental protection and sustaining development consciousness.We continue to improve environmental management, pay attention to the conservation of resources and energy, and realize the rational use of resources.

Haian is committed to provide customers with top-notch all steel radial tyres and one-stop tire service, to achieve the goal of reducing operating costs, extending the tyre life and reducing energy consumption. Meanwhile, it also makes a contribution to sustainable development and save resources.

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