Tires Knowledge
Tyre Mounting

Before Mounting:

☞Clean all components of the tyre, rim and valve;

☞Remove the packages and inspect all parts of tyre and rim. Completely cleaning of dirt and corrosives, especially in the grooves;

☞For each tyre replacement, new O-ring are requested;

☞Tyre replacement should be operated on designated tyre bay to make sure the rim parts are load stable and even;

☞Keep the tyre internal clean and dry.

Mounting Steps:

☞Firstly make sure no cracks&deformation of rim,flange and the lock ring,clean the components;

☞Fix the rim stable on the brandreth;

☞Clean the rusty on the rim (Keep grooves in lock ring and seal ring very clean);

☞Replace the valve seat and seal ring and make sure the air tube are unblocked;

☞Evenly oil the rim;

☞Clean any dusty or water inside the tyre;

☞Paint the rim oil on the beads.

☞Put the tyre onto the rim base and cap the flange on the tyre;

☞Clapse the pressing ring and press it in line with the out surface;

☞Put the seal ring into the groove(Note: Do not touch the real ring by hands if you find the ring wasn't inserted completely, but you can use crowbar);

☞Ensure the lock ring hammered in the groove of lock ring.

Photo 1: Rim installation

Photo 2: Put tyre onto the rim

Photo 3: Mounting flange


☞DO not leave O-ring or components on the tyre when inflatio;

☞Make sure all components are fitted correctly before inflation;

☞All inflating procedures should be operated within safety zone where there is protective fence to avoid the hazard of tyre burst or air tube burst;

☞Never sit on or stand in front of tyre or rim. Serious hurt even dead may occurs if the parts fly apart with explosive force;

☞Never attempt to weld or fire on or near a tyre/rim assembly. Heat from these activities may result in explosion of tyre due to sharp rising of pressure.

After Mounting: Checking the air-tightness between tyre & rim

☞Ensure every parts below are tight enough: inner liner, bead seat, O-ring, valve stem and valve cap;

☞Place the tyre horizontally and the lock ring upwards, then insert the soap water into the groove of the rim.

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