Tyre Load Capacity

Overloading will shorten tyre life and increase the chance of early tyre scrap.For the best tyre performance,the maximum recommeded load should not be exceeded.If the load exceeds the standard, a tyre with a higher level should be used.

Results of Overloading:

1.Generate excessive heat and cause heat separation;

2.Excessive tyre deformation causes broken cords;

3.Rapid wear due to excessive tread movement against road surface;

4.Bear ring failure due to excessive bead movement;

5.Risk of bursting due to increased cord tension.

To avoid tyre overloading, it's also important to consider the environment factors of mine site,like the conditions of mine diggings area, and according to the load sheet provided by tyre user,the material should be evenly distributed on the truck.(see the left Fig.)

                                                  Correct Distribution

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