Road Maintenance

Road maintenance is one of the most important factors to determine the tyre lifetime, bumps, check holes, rocks and so on will cut or wear the tyre, even will cause tyre bursting. It's particularly important to maintain road in loading and dumping area because the damage in these area is more. Not only the maintenance staff but also each staff at site has the responsibility to clean the obstacles on the road.


Road condition

Damage type for the tyres


Dropped loaded material on roads.

Cuts,punctures,fissures of the carcass in the cut place.


Road improperly graded,with large bumps.

Non-uniform wear of the tread,fissure of the carcass due to high dynamic loads resulting from wear,heat damage of tyres.


Width and turning radius lower than standard, too long road grade,and grade larger than standard.

Cuts,non-uniform wear,heat damage of tyres.

Road conditions should be comply with Standards and Regulations of project construction(width, grade, turning radius, etc.). Regular road maintenance is required to avoid mechanical damage to tyres.

Maintenance for road:
1. Regularly clean off rocks on permanent/ temporary transportation road and loading unloading sites:
2. Ensure that there are no sharp rocks on roads;
3. Rehabilitate the damaged road in due time, compact the soft road surface and dry down the flooded sections by means of drainage ducts;
4. The size of gravel particles covered on the roads must not exceed 40MM;
5. Remove snow and ice off road in winter. Can use a mix of calcium chloride and sodium chloride at a consumption rate of 30-40 g/sq.

Road Grade:
1.Road Grade [%] = Vertical distance / Horizontal distance X100%;
2.The grade should not exceed 10%;

3.When the grade increases, the tyre is more likely to slip. This increase tyre wear and reduces fuel efficiency. The ideal road grade is no more than 5-6%.

Road Chamber and Lane Width:

Higher chamber tend to incline of vehicle and shift of the center of gravity, it may also leads to uneven weight distribution. Too lower chamber results to difficulty in draining water. Haian company recommends that the ideal chamber is 3%.

Rolling Radius:

The rolling radius of OTR tyre can be measured by below formula:
             RR= ODX0.331+SLRX0.316+12.2
             RR: Rolling Radius (mm)
             OD: Overall Diameter (mm)
             SLR: Static Loaded Radius (mm)

Truck speed will affect the tyre rolling radius, please follow the recommended radius and speed limit listed below:

Recommend Radius & Speed Limit

Min Radius (m)

Max Speed (km/h)













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