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2020 Spring Outing for Haian Family

Haian Overseas Market Department celebrated The Labor Day with employees' family and kids at Kowloon valley on Apr.30th.

Photo 1: Beautiful Scenery of Kowloon Valley

All the members gathered at the gate of Kowlong valley at 9:30. The valley is located in Ju Xi, Changtai Town, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province. It is 32 kilometers away from Putian city, and around the scenic Huancu road of Dongzhen reservoir. It is known as the "back garden" of Putian with fragrant flowers and beautiful scenery.

Photo 2: Overseas Sales Department Took a Group Photo at the Gate

The valley's green hills and exquisite building were laid out with picturesque appeal, and decorated with thriving trees and beautiful flowers. We took the sightseeing vehicle started the first stop on our trip. Its name is  "eat chicken slide". Surging ups and downs of the screams, even the children are eager to try, the scene was very lively.

Photo 3: Thrilling "eat chicken slide"

Suddenly, it was time for lunch and we moved food material to the barbecue area.Some were responsible for cleaning the food material, cutting the fruits and vegetables, putting the food on the wooden sticks, lighting the fire and barbecuing. Our "chef" showed his special skills to cook the specialty  "Putian Braised noodle".

Photo 4: Happy Barbecue Time

After lunch, some children played on the swings and some on the seesaws. Tug-of-war competition was also in full swing.The competition was divided into two groups of eight. Every team members made effort to work together, pulling the rope, next to the cheer squad also shouted "come on, come on", this is a contest of physical strength, endurance and perseverance. It is also the best experience of team working!

Photo 5: Tug-of-war Competition

Next, the guide took us to the third stop, the Ziplining. Gliding over the lake, enjoying the beauty of the Kowloon valley.

Photo 6: The Video of Ziplining

After the Ziplining, the new challenge was coming - the glass-bottomed cantilever skywalk. The skywalk will be due to everyone's different height and weight, produce different broken glass pattern. It makes one shudder at every step.

Photo 7: The Glass-bottomed Cantilever Skywalk

Came down the skywalk,we went to the glass slide. Before sliding, we changed the wear-resistant pants. Glass slide let us use a few seconds to complete the 20 minutes of the mountain. It was really exciting and interesting!

Photo 8: Thrilling Glass Slide

Next is the water slide, every 2 person took a rubber boat all the way down along the slide.

Photo 9: Interesting Water Slide

After a day of games and hiking, in the evening, all members came to the restaurant for dinner.

Photo 10: Happy Hour of the Day

Through this activity, Haian's families deeply realized the importance of unity, in addition to unity, division of labor and cooperation is also very important. We should help each other, unity and cooperation, to achieve a win-win situation in the future work as well as life!

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