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27.00R49 LUAN OTR Tires Selected for a Large Coal Mine in Russia

This new batch of 27.00R49 Luan OTR tires is ready to ship to a large coal mine in Russia. The mining operator has signed the tyres contract agreement with Haian because of the premium quality and a one-stop tyre service including field analysis,after-sales service and trye management.

27.00R49 HA710 tread pattern is designed for rigid dump trucks in mine transport. Considering the snow weather and severe operating condition there, the tread pattern is designed for slip resistance. Additionally, the equal block tread pattern makes the tire wear more even. The tires are suitable for muddy road due to its perfect running capacity and good self cleaning ability.


1.Equal block design makes the tire wear more even.

2.The connected horizontal grooves ensure excellent performance for drainage and self-cleaning.

3.Perfect ability for running traction.

4.Suitable for different mine and road condition.

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