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33.00R51,37.00 R57 and 40.00R57 Luan Giant OTR Tires Running on Snowy Mine Site

Luan OTR tyres

One of our customers who uses Luan OTR tyres 33.00R51,37.00 R57 and 40.00R57 on a gold mine. In August, Haian's sales manager and technical engineer went to the mine operation for a technical site visit.

Luan 33.00R51 and 37.00R57 OTR Tyres mounted on CAT dump trucks. These mining tyres have been running over 8000 hours at snowy mine sites and still are performing excellence.

Tyre Performance Report

The deep E4 tread depth and larger tread blocks help tire owns better braking performance and cut resistance. The design of wide grooves in the shoulder offers a high payload capacity and help it owns better heat release. Our customer is very satisfied with the outstanding performance of Luan OTR Tires and has placed the new order from Haian.

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