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36.00R51 HA162 Giant OTR Tyres Selected for Coal Mine in Russia

One of our customers in Russia has equipped his rigid dump trucks with 36.00R51 Luan OTR tyres six months ago. After the site visit, Haian's technical engineers advised the customer to use wear resistance compound with HA162 pattern.The off-the-road tyres have been mounted on BELAZ dump trucks and used under the most heavy weather and road conditions for a long time. The tyres are still running well on the coal mine.

These mining tyres own unbeatable braking performance and wear resistance due to its deep grooves and huge tread blocks design. The customer is very satisfied with the overall performance of the tyres. Our engineers will continuously track the performance of tyres and take field visit regularly.

Choose Haian Rubber, choose Luan OTR Tyres, you will get premium quality tyres together with world-class service.

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