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All Staffs from Haian Gather Together to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Photo 1:Mid-Autumn evening was grandly held at the banquet hall

During this golden autumn Season,the annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming again. On September 10, Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd. held a grand Mid-Autumn evening with the theme of "Happy Mid-Autumn, Gather in Haian". All employees from Haian got together at the banquet hall on the fourth floor of Staff Cultural Center to celebrate the festival and Chairman Zhu Hui's birthday. Chairman Zhuhui gave a warm speech before the evening party. On behalf of the leaders of Haian, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the employees for their hard work and unremitting efforts, and extended his season's greetings to everyone.

Photo 2: Chairman Zhu Hui gave a speech to wish all employees a happy Mid-Autumn festival

2019 Mid-Autumn evening was started from the grand opening dance. Staffs from more than 50 countries sent video to send sincere season's greetings,saying "Wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival, Haian business thriving, happy birthday to Chairman Zhu Hui and good health".The martial art "nunchakus" performed by the production department is really wonderful and exciting. Then a choir composed of Haian's party members sang "Flying Red Flag" to express our Chinese hearts. Afterwards, a lively and interesting opusculum rehearsed by equipment department let the audience belly laugh. The program brought the evening party to a climax again.

Photo 3: Haian's employees were performing opusculum and singing in chorus

At 8:00 p.m. in the evening, the host excitedly announced: "Moon-cake gambling started!" Moon-cake gambling pushed everyone's mood to the peak of joy. The party became the sea of joy because the "Number One Scholar" could get rich gifts.

Photo 4: Everybody was celebrating Chairman Zhu Hui's birthday

The time of joy was fleeting, and the three-hour party ended with songs, laughter, and applause. The wonderful evening party not only showed the spirit of Haian employees' unity and endeavor, but also fully demonstrated their talent and elegant demeanour.The evening party made everyone feel the warmth of the Haian family and the joy of the festival, which further enhanced the cohesion and fighting capacity of the company's employees.

Photo 5: "Number One Scholar" was born
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