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Congratulations on the Successful Opening of 2019 Year-end Summary Meeting

At 10:00 on the morning of January 18th, Haian's 2019 annual staff meeting was grandly held in the lobby of 4th floor of the staff cultural and sports center. Haian's families gathered together to participate in the meeting.

Chairman Mr.Zhu,CEO Mr.Dai led senior executives into the venue.The meeting was began in the warm applause.

Photo 1:Chairman Mr.Zhu,CEO Mr.Dai led senior executives attended the meeting

Deputy general manager of technology and chief engineer Mr.Huang reported on future technology development at the meeting. Mr.Huang pointed out two important things in the report: In the face of changing market demand, Haian has gone through an extraordinary year of technology enhancements and innovations in 2019; In 2020, we will further increase research and development investment, continue to innovate according to market demand, improve quality, make "good products", and promote the enterprise to achieve high-quality, sustainable and steady development.

Photo 2: Chief engineer Mr.Huang gave a speech at the meeting

After analyzing the technical issues, Mr.Dai Jicheng, general manager, summarized the overall work and achievements of Haian in the past year. He objectively analyzed the current economic situation and pointed out the direction and problems that we need to pay attention in the next year. Finally,the overall planning and detailed arrangement of work for 2020 was made by Mr.Dai according to the Haian's development trend and industry competition situation,etc.

Photo 3: CEO Mr.Dai gave a speech at the meeting

Next is the 2019 prize-awarding part, which includes the outstanding employee of the year, the annual proposal improvement awards and 2019 technical progress awards.

Photo 4: Chairman Mr.Zhu prized for 2019 annual outstanding employees

Photo 5: CEO Mr.Dai prized for 2019 annual outstanding employees

Photo 6: Chairman Mr.Zhu & CEO Mr.Dai took a group photo with prize-winning employees

Photo 7: Senior executives of Haian took a group photo with prize-winning employees

Zhu Hui, Chairman of Haian, delivered a concluding speech, and sounded the bugle for 2020: all the staff will seize the day with strong belief, indomitable perseverance and step by step to promote the development of Haian.This rousing speech won warm applause several times.Finally, Mr.Zhu wished all the staff and their families a happy New Year and all the best!

Photo 8: Chairman Mr.Zhu gave a concluding speech

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