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Fujian Haian Rubber Co.,Ltd Renamed to Haian Rubber Group Co.,Ltd

On April 7, the opening ceremony of Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of Xianyou, Fujian. Huang Yimin, director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Xianyou County, attended the opening ceremony. So far, the original Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd. officially renamed to Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.

Photo 1: The opening ceremony of Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd. was grandly held

Our company officially changed the company name from "Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd." to "Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd." on April 2, 2021, and has been approved by relevant government departments and issued relevant certificates.

After the group is renamed, the business entity and legal relationship remain unchanged. At that time, all the businesses of the original company "Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd." will be managed by "Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.". The original contract will continue to take effect. The original business relationship and The service commitment remains unchanged.

Photo 2: Chairman Mr.Zhu Hui (left) of Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd. officially unveiled

From now on, all internal and external documents, materials, invoices, account numbers, tax numbers, etc. of the group will all use the new company name "Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.".

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the company's name change! We sincerely thank all our partners for their support and care, and we will, as always, be committed to providing you with better services!

Hereby notify the above.

Company name: Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.

Date: April 07, 2021

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