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General meeting of Haian 2014

Farewell to the impressive year of 2014 and welcome the brand new year of 2015, looking back to the arduous effects we have done and looking forward to the future of Haian! The general meeting of Haian was hold on the forth floor of new dinning hall.

Photo 1: The general meeting of Haian was hold on the forth floor of new dinning hall

Chief executive Mr. Zhu Hui, general manager Mr. Dai Jicheng, legal representative Mr. Zhu Guofu, administrative vice-general manager Mr. Liao Xinming, technical vice-general manager Mr. Huang Zhenhua, quality control vice-general Mr. Wang Jinhui, board secretary Mr. Zheng Zhifeng, purchase vice-general manager Mr. Zhu Jianshui, product vice-general manager Mr. Wang Changsheng, vice-general manager Mr. Zhu Jinkun, vice-general manager Mr. Ke Zidong, chief executive assistance Mr. Zhu Zhenpeng were presented at the meeting. Chief executive reviewed the efforts being done in 2014 and appreciated for the glorious achievements. Haian gain his accomplishment step by step and make progress year by year. No pain no gain, the development of Haian is interrelate with the hard works of all staffs, the achievements today are result of concerted efforts of everyone.

Photo 2: The chairman of Haian, Mr.Zhuhui was speaking

From 2005 to 2015, Haian have been making progress for the 9 years. Looking back the past, we are moved by a lot of Haian employees, who work in Haian from the beginning, who regard Haian as their family getting through difficult, who love Haian in their heart.

Photo 3: Chief executive and general manager honoring and awarding for outstanding staffs of 2014

The glorious year of 2014 have been passed, and the challenge year of 2015 is coming. We obtained smile, achievements as well as sad and disappoints. In 2015, we are full of bright hope, there are better products to be developed, greater market to expand. Haian will work with everyone to welcome a much more splendid future!

Photo 4: The general meeting came to a successful conclusion

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