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Great performance of LUAN 27.00R49 Earthmover Tyres on Nickel Mine

The large nickel mine operator selected LUAN 27.00R49 Giant OTR Tire on their CAT fleet. The tyres are charged with the heavy task of transporting huge amounts of nickel ores. In general, the tyres are the top five cost for a miner, so they need as much care and attention as possible so you can maximize the investment and get the longest life out of the tire.

Nickel is a hard, silvery-white metal which can take on a high polish and it resists tarnishing in air. It requires the tyres featured of excellent puncture resistance and wear resistance. LUAN 27.00R49 Earthmover tyres with HA-163 pattern is specially designed for the severe off-road conditions.

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  • The huge tread blocks in the center of crown ensure it has a greater contact area.
  • HA163 owns better puncture resistance and wear resistance which leads to a prolonged service life.
  • The design of wide grooves in the shoulder help it owns better heat release.
  • Applicable to high-hardness and tough mining condition area.

Moreover, Haian's overall tyre service allows tyres to be used to their full potential, leading to increased productivity and reduced operating costs on a site.

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