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Haian Advocate National Fitness to Stimulate the Energy of Staffs
In order to strengthen staffs' health, stimulate their vitality and enrich their spare time life, haian rubber has hired yoga teacher, aerobics coach and etiquette trainer to guide staffs in Haian's fitness room.

After understanding staffs' common working habits, the experienced yoga teacher taught us yoga movements such as shoulder opening and stretching, aiming at staffs' sedentary working conditions. Through deep body stretch and correct breathing methods, we could relieve our tense muscles.

Photo 1: Haian's staffs were learning yoga movements seriously

The staff welcomed the young and handsome aerobics instructor in the dynamic music.Under the guidance of the coach, Haian's employees burn fat happily and improve their physical fitness in a quite relaxed manner.

Photo 2: Haian's staffs were learning aerobics movements earnestly

China is a country of etiquette culture, the Chinese nation is a state of etiquette. Etiquette trainer teacher Ms.Zhu introduced the origin and meaning of etiquette for us, taught us the usual reception of customers in the use of gestures.

Photo 3: Haian's staffs were learning etiquette course seriously

Haian Rubber advocates national fitness, building a strong body to own a better life. Haian Rubber insists on putting the profit of employee in the first, providing welfare to the staff so as to make employees enjoy the fun and benefits of fitness activities after busy work.
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