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New Round Great Learning Forum Held in Haian

Hosted by Xianyou County Federation of Trade Unions, the new round "Great Learning" forum was held in the workshop of Haian in the afternoon of June 5th.

Chen Zhiting, County Committee, Ministers of the Organization and chairman of Xianyou County Federation of Trade Unions, cadres of the County Federation of Trade Unions and the Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions, representatives of model workers,medical staffs assisting Hubei and representative of frontline workers of Haian attended the forum together.

On the scene of the activity, the county Federation of Trade Unions presented the books "Xi Jinping in Ningde" and "Xi Jinping in Xiamen" to the staff library of Haian,  kicking off a new round of "Great Learning" forum.

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Photo 1: General Manager Mr.Dai received the books presented by the County Federation of Trade Unions

Then model workers,medical staffs assisting Hubei,representative of frontline workers of Haian and leaders of labor union sitting around the workshop to watch the videos by CCTV "Xi JinpingXi Jinping in Ningde" and "Xi Jinping in Xiamen". The national model worker Zilin Lin,heroes in harm's way Pingping Huang,haian's staff Guanyu Zhang and other 6 comrades shared their experience and expressed their highest respect to Xi Jinping. They believe that each story in the interview transcript has a strong appeal, which makes people feel true to the extraordinary personality charm of General Secretary Xi Jinping, so that people's souls are baptized, their thoughts sublimated and their work enlightened.

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Photo 2: model workers,medical staffs,haian's staffs and cadres of Trade Unions watched the videos

As an enterprise worker, well aware that practice is the only way to improve the quality of frontline workers, only practice can be a KNOWLEDGE.We should take the voice of workers as a signal, the needs of superiors as a choice, the interests of enterprises as a consideration, and safety and satisfaction as a standard. We should make greater contribution to the enterprise economy with good spirit, full enthusiasm and high responsibility.

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Photo 3: The model worker,Vice - Chief Engineer,Zhenhua Huang was sharing his experience in Haian

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                                              Photo 4: General Manager Mr.Dai and Haian's staffs were sharing their stories

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