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One more Coal Mine of India Market Massively Using LUAN Giant OTR Tires

Perfect for equipping all brand of mining dump trucks, LUAN E4 Giant OTR Tire ensures both heat and cut resistance. One more operation-largest coal mine in India market full fitted with LUAN tires from size 27.00R49 up to size 50/80R57. Due to the excellent performance of LUAN tires,the mining company decided to equip their Euclid and KOMATSU fleets with LUAN OTR Tires to reduce the operating cost per hour and increase productivity.

E4 Giant OTR Tire

HA710 tread pattern owns good self cleaning ability and is suitable for the muddy road. The customer is very happy not only because of the tires reach its expectations, but also its unparalleled good price. Now the new batch of LUAN OTR Tires are ready to ship for this client!


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