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The mobilization Meeting of the International Marketing Dept. and 1st anniversary of Xiamen Branch in 2022

The new year has begun, the horn of charge has been sounded, difficulties and challenges are testing us, and career and hope are calling us. On February 24, 2022, Xiamen Branch specially invited Zhu Zhenpeng/Director and Vice President of Haian Group, Dai Jicheng/Vice President of the Group, Huang Zhenhua/Vice President and Chief Engineer of the Group/Deputy Director of the General Management Department of the Group and Ma Ziqiang/Vice President of Fujian Haikuang Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. Manager participated in the company's first anniversary celebration and swearing-in meeting. The past year was an extremely difficult year, and it was also the year that Xiamen Branch achieved leapfrog growth in its international market business!

Photo 1:  Group photos in front of the sign-in board

Teams from overseas regions participated in the meeting through online video, and the swearing-in meeting officially began. In the opening of the host, Chen Zhitang, Director of International Marketing Department, was invited to introduce the anniversary memoir. The year of Xiamen Branch was full of sweat, hard work, but also progress. After a year of hard work, the performance of the International Marketing Department has achieved three historic breakthroughs in new turnover, new markets and new customers.

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Photo 2: Teams from overseas regions are participating in the meeting through online video

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Photo 3: Chen Zhitang, Director of International Marketing Department, was introducing the highlights of the past year

Preparedness is the key to success. The new year has just started, and the company's first task is to determine the development plan and goals for 2022, take the initiative to seek new development. Liao Weimin, head of the business development department, introduced the development of various overseas regions in the past year, and explained the work plans and sales goals of each region in 2022. Then Zhu Zhenpeng, director and vice president of the group, was invited as a witness to sign the "2022 Work Responsibility Letter" in each region and witness the oath-taking meeting.

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Photo 4: Liao Weimin, head of the business development department, delivered an online speech, explaining the regional work plans and sales targets in 2022

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Photo 5: Group director and vice president Zhu Zhenpeng signed the work responsibility letter in each region

"Haian Group not only makes good tires, but is also good at providing good services." In the practice of production and service for many years, Haian Group has accumulated rich experience, technical foundation and talent reserve in Giant OTR Tires maintenance and mine management, and can provide professional and sustainable tire solutions for domestic and foreign customers to ensure that customers use the tires produced by Haian Group safely, at the lowest cost and with the highest efficiency. Lu Yanda, manager of the overseas project operation department of the Group, who has rich management experience in overseas project departments, elaborated the work plan of the overseas project department in 2022 in combination with the goal of cost reduction and the development of new contracts.

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Photo 6: Lu Yanda, manager of the overseas project operation department of the group, explained the work plan for 2022

Since the first anniversary of the establishment of the Xiamen Branch of the International Marketing Department, many new members have been added. As a supplement to the awards for outstanding employees in 2021, Xiamen Branch has set up a special business development award, an excellent project collaboration award and an Iron Abacus Exquisite Goddess Award to reward them for their outstanding performance in the past year. In the warm applause, the host invited the award-winning colleagues to share their experiences of the year and give their acceptance speeches.

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Photo 7: Group Director and Vice President Zhu Zhenpeng presented the Iron Abacus Exquisite Goddess Award on the spot

The growth of Xiamen Branch is inseparable from the cooperation and support of various departments of Haian Group. In the warm applause, the host invited the guests of the group to give speeches for everyone.

Huang Zhenhua, vice president and chief engineer of the group, first congratulated the Xiamen Branch for its substantial growth and achievements in international business. In terms of talents, Xiamen Branch has recruited wise men, which has helped the development of the Group and laid a solid foundation for the future of the Group. It is also hoped that Xiamen Branch will recruit more elite talents for the Group. Haian Group is a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise. R&D and marketing are very important. They are both powerful promoters of enterprise development. Like the "wings" for enterprises to take off, they are indispensable and cannot be neglected. Therefore, in the future, the R&D and marketing departments of Haian should cooperate more closely, and the business & technology will not be separated.

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Photo 8: Group Vice President and Chief Engineer Huang Zhenhua delivered a speech

Next, Dai Jicheng, vice president of the group, shared with you the interesting and unforgettable experience of the first business trip abroad. With the continuous expansion of overseas business teams, the project departments of subsidiaries are located on all continents of the world, and he felt quite impressed: where the Haian people are, the growth is there. Haian Rubber Group Co.,Ltd. is an open and eclectic platform for employing talents. It is not easy for Xiamen Branch to achieve such achievements in such a short period of time. Hope that Haian employees at home and abroad can take epidemic prevention measures and stay safe and healthy!

Photo 9: Group Vice President Dai Jicheng delivered a speech

As the meeting drew to a close, Zhu Zhenpeng, director and vice president of the group, summarized the meeting from three aspects: one is the strategic development of the group, the investment expansion plan, the equity incentive plan, and the vigorous promotion of overseas tire contracting projects; the second is the global development goal , lay out a global sales network and build a global technical service system, promote the localization of overseas offices and the construction of differentiated culture, and target a 10% market share in 3 years; the third is other work requirements in 2022. Some companies in the international market will be added. The business team will do a good job in business and order planning, safety first, and prevention and control. After the epidemic, you are welcome to bring your family to Haian Group to celebrate the reunion.

Under the continuous impact of the epidemic in the century, Zhu Zhenpeng, director and vice president of the group, encouraged everyone to unite, work hard, and overcome difficulties. He believed that Xiamen Branch would be able to create greater glories in 2022!

Photo 10: Group Director and Vice President Zhu Zhenpeng delivered a speech

Overseas regions also sent their blessing videos. At the same time, Group Director and Vice President Zhu Zhenpeng shared the birthday cake of Xiamen Branch with everyone, witnessing an important moment in the growth of Xiamen Branch.

Photo 11: Group Director and Vice President Zhu Zhenpeng shared the birthday cake of Xiamen Branch

Photo 12: Group photo of participants

Photo 13: Highlights of the meeting

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