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Tribute to the Staffs of Haian Tibet Project Department

On March 5, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still in the prevention and control period, the team members led by Mr. Dai Jicheng, the general manager of Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Haian"), were not afraid of difficulties and risks,and went to evaluate all NTE260 and TR100 mining dump trucks such as Xinhuadu, Xingwanxiang, Tibet Jiwei, etc. Came to the highest point of the construction site at an altitude of 5,300 meters to work. The severe altitude sickness made everyone deeply realize how difficult it is to be able to hold on to the snow-covered plateau-without much language, only high respect! They used practical actions to interpret the Haian people's spirit of "Lack of oxygen is not lack of spirit, hard not afraid of hardship, although the altitude is high, the realm is higher".

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Photo 1: General Manager Mr.Dai Jicheng and his team are evaluating vehicles on the mine

On March 6, General Manager Dai Jicheng also specially led a team to the Haian's Tibet Julong Project Department to conduct a work inspection, and highly affirmed the work of Cai Jianfeng, Tibet Julong Project Department Manager, and praised all the staff of the project department for sticking to the plateau and successfully completing tire maintenance. Thank you on behalf of the company for maintenance tasks. At the same time, General Manager Dai Jicheng also had a discussion with all the employees of the Tibet Project Department, encouraging everyone to pay attention to safety and health when working.

At present, the "Tripartite Cooperation" has entered the stage of the work of Haikuang Mining Services, a subsidiary of Haian, and they all have the determination to cooperate. They must fight hard, overcome difficulties, and never retreat unless they win a full victory.

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Photo 2: General Manager Mr.Dai Jicheng inspected the work of Tibet Julong Project Department

General Manager Mr.Dai Jicheng discussed with Fujian Xinhuadu Engineering Co., Ltd. to establish work rules and standards. To solve the problem that the NTE260 attendance rate is too low, and hope to obtain systematic management, Haian has a reserve of working experience on the plateau, promotes the integration of maintenance resources of the three companies, reduces costs and increases efficiency, and submits technical solutions.

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Photo 3: Group photo of general manager Mr.Dai Jicheng and project department personnel

A single spark can start a prairie fire. With the development of our western project and the in-depth implementation of the One Belt One Road strategy, the Tibet Project Department is not only a business unit, but also a banner. The defenders of the Tibet project of the mine dump truck maintenance department of Haian Company, because of their experience in plateau projects in the past few years, have withstood the severe test of the harsh natural environment, and have also accumulated valuable operation management. They will surely create new brilliance under new opportunities and make new and greater contributions to the development of the company.

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Photo 4: General Manager Mr.Dai Jicheng discussed with Fujian Xinhuadu Engineering Co., Ltd.

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