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Cheers for LUAN 50/80R57 OTR TYRES Highly Praised by USA Mining Operator

Luan 50/80R57 giant OTR tyres are selected to serve for the rigid dump trucks by copper mines's operator in USA. Due to the severe conditions of the open-pit mine,the Luan tyres with HA162 pattern is especially designed for fitment the operations. The deeper grooves and huger tread blocks improve the braking performance and cut resistance. The design of wide grooves in the shoulder help the Giant Tyres own better heat release. According to the excellent track record of Giant OTR tyres, this customer said: "The first set Haian 50/80R57 tires are performing as expected. Nothing noticeable about the wear. The tires are performing like the Bridgestone and Michilen tires as we have used in the past."

It is so pleased that Luan tyres has won the new customer's trust. Haian will keep on offering the clients with premium quality tyres to reduce the cost price per hour of the mining sites.

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