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LUAN Mining OTR Tyres Running at the Severe Mining Condition of Hot Weather 40℃

Breaking record of LUAN 33.00R51 and 27.00R49 OTR tires running at the world's hottest weather (40℃ ) condition reaching high running hours at minimum 15% overloaded. The mining operator told us the average fuel consumption was obviously decreased by using LUAN OTR tires than using other brand tires. The client is very satisfied with the premium quality of Luan tires and the overall tyre service. Haian also send the professional engineers regularly to provide the field service including tire pressure monitoring,road condition inspection, heat study, tire repair and retread service, etc.

The scientific pattern design and heat-resisting compound make the LUAN Tyres obtain optimum performance. The outstanding performance makes the clients choose LUAN OTR Tyres and set up long-term relationship with Haian.

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